Treatment of causes of urinary problems

Editor: | 10. December 2018

Treatment of causes of urinary problems was explored in the study (Loran et al.) of Russian medical team in 1996 with the help of combined treatment of pulsed magnetic therapy and laser therapy.

Poor results of standard therapies in treatment of renal and ureteral tissue inflammation that fail to have effect onmorphological changes in the tissue forced the authors of this study to try a combination of the effects of laser and magnetic therapy (previously tested in animal models) at the Department of Urology.

In the end, morphological properties of parenchyms and walls of the urinary tract after treatment undoubtedlyconfirmed the applicability of laser therapy in combination with pulsed magnetic therapy in urological practice.

In other words, the anti-inflammatory effect of pulsed magnetic field was also confirmed in this study as well asusability and high efficacy of pulsed magnetic therapy in treatment of urinary tract inflammation.

Reference: Loran, O. B., Kaprin, A. D. & Gazimagomedov, G. A. (1996) Магнитный-лазерной терапии при воспалительных и посттравматических поражений мочевой системы, Urol Nefrol (Mosk) (5), s. 10-14.

Magnetic-laser therapy in inflammatory and posttraumatic lesions of the urinary system / Магнитный-лазерной терапии при воспалительных и посттравматических поражений мочевой системы

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