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Non-pharmacological treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy

Non-pharmacological treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy with pulsed electromagnetic fields in 71 patients was the subject of a comparative study (Mirkovic, V., 2012), which assessed the effects of pulsed magnetotherapy with a frequency of 10 Hz and 25 Hz.

Patients were randomly divided into two groups. One was treated with pulsed magnet therapy with a set frequency of pulsed magnetic field of 10 Hz and the other with a frequency of 25 Hz. Neuropathic symptoms were assessed before and after treatment.

The results showed that overall, pulsed magnet therapy significantly reduces the signs and symptoms of neuropathy.

However, the analgesic effect of the therapy differed between groups. The study found much lower levels of pain in the feet of patients who underwent 25 Hz pulsed magnet therapy.

Source: Mirkovic, V. et al. (2012) Non-Pharmacological Treatment Of Diabetic Polyneuropathy By Pulse Electromagnetic Field. Healthmed, 6(4), 1291-1295.

Nefarmakologická léčba diabetické polyneuropatie pulzním elektromagnetickým polem / Non-pharmacological treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy by pulse electromagnetic field

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