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Higher performance. Accuracy. Actions from multiple sides.

3D pulsed magnetotherapy Biomag

Patented technology

Higher performance

Clean pulse shape

Acting from multiple sides

The key parameter for the effectiveness of pulsed magnet therapy is the power, purity of electromagnetic pulses and correct targeting of the application site. Let’s explain the benefits of pulsed magnet therapy with the patented 3D Biomag technology.

1. Higher performance from each part

The power of electromagnetic pulses is the basic parameter of any pulsed magnetotherapy. If the individual coils on the applicators are connected together to one output channel of the device, the overall performance of the applicator is reduced and the effect of the therapy is negatively affected.

Biomag’s patented 3D technology system allows each coil to be connected separately to a separate, independent channel of the instrument. The entire system can thus generate pulses without loss of efficiency, providing a higher pulse output than conventional pulsed magnet therapy. With the patented 3D pulsed magnetotherapy you get the highest possible effectiveness of therapeutic pulses.


2. Perfectly clean pulse shape

Conventional applicators for pulsed magnet therapy are designed in such a way that multiple coils in the applicator generate a magnetic field together. This causes the magnetic fields to overlap, so-called interferences occur and the shape of the therapeutic pulses distort each other. Deformed pulses then negatively affect the effectiveness of therapy.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of pulsed magnet therapy, Biomag has developed a patented 3D technology that ensures that each coil generates an electromagnetic field separately and at a different point in time. This ensures that each pulse has a clean shape, as is correct for effective therapeutic applications of pulsed magnet therapy.

3. Actions from different sides

Another important factor for the effectiveness of pulsed magnetotherapy is the effective action of the pulses on as many areas as possible at the application site. Conventional applicators may not always provide this.

However, Biomag 3D technology applicators can effectively target the application site from different sides due to their multi-part design, and can thus provide therapy from a more appropriate direction or location.

In addition, the entire 3D system allows the action from multiple sides with higher power and a perfectly clear therapeutic pulse shape.

Advanced software. Unique hardware. Biomag.

Instruments for 3D technology

In order for the entire 3D technology system to work on the applicators, uniquely designed instrument hardware with specially designed chips and output configurations is required. The most advanced Biomag software then controls each individual pulse and directs it to a designated coil in the applicator.

This technology ensures the highest efficiency of the therapeutic pulses in Biomag devices, so users get the highest efficiency of pulsed magnet therapy.

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