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Magnetotherapy is a therapeutic method in the field of physical therapy that uses pulsed magnetic fields to treat various medical conditions. It is a non-invasive treatment method, which means that it does not require surgery. Magnetotherapy is also becoming increasingly popular due to its therapeutic effects, safety and convenience during applications.

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Magnetotherapy applications are convenient and easy

Convenient and easy application of magnetotherapy

Pulsed magnet therapy can be applied not only in rehabilitation or in spas. Pulsed magnetotherapy is also a popular method for home applications.

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Effects of 3D pulsed magnetotherapy Biomag

The effects of Biomag 3D pulsed magnet therapy are divided into six basic therapeutic effects.
These therapeutic effects can positively influence the symptoms of a number of health problems and thus effectively assist in their treatment.

Protibolestivý efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Painkillers support for pain
Hojivý efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Healing promoting healing and regeneration
Protiotokový efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Anti-swelling promoting the retreat
of swelling
Vasodilatační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Vasodilation support of vasodilatation and blood circulation
Myorelaxační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Myorelaxing promotion of spasm and swelling relief
Detoxikační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Detox support metabolism and detoxification