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Clinical studies of magnetic (PEMF) therapy


The success rate of treatment with Biomag devices is more than 77%

According to expert evaluations carried out in 2012 and 2013 on 1,266 patients with an average of 12 applications per patient, the success rate of Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy is 77%.

In general, efficiency continues to increase with more applications. According to another statistic, the most common application of Biomag magnetic therapy (PEMF therapy) is for pain.

We follow the latest trends in pulsed electromagnetic field treatment

The production of Biomag therapeutic devices is based on worldwide knowledge and studies in this field. On these pages we permanently publish the most up-to-date knowledge about the effect of pulsed magnetic (PEMF) therapy on human health, based on clinical studies of magnetic (PEMF) therapy from renowned institutions and authorities from around the world.

Using the filter, you can select a diagnosis and so easily find out the effects of magnetic (PEMF) therapy treatment directly for your health problems.

Read the clinical studies on magnetic (PEMF) therapy and check the effects of this treatment in case of your health problems!

Listing of all clinical studies

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