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The effect of pulsed electromagnetic therapy on various chronic non-specific back pains

The effect of pulsed electromagnetic therapy at a frequency of 50 Hz and intensity of 2 mT on various chronic non-specific back pain was evaluated against other conventional non-invasive treatments in a randomised controlled trial at Cairo University in 2018.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been subjected to further research due to the lack of clinical evidence in this area. Of the 50 patients, one half were randomly assigned to the experimental group and the other to the control group. All patients underwent conventional therapy within 4 weeks, but only the experimental group received functional pulsed magnetic therapy in a total of 12 sessions.

The results showed significant differences between the two groups for all outcomes measured. In the experimental group undergoing pulsed magnetic field applications, better pain relief and greater overall back functionality were observed. More specifically, compared to the control group, patients in the experimental group achieved greater spinal flexibility.

Therefore, the findings of this study suggest that the application of pulsed magnetic fields represents a unique alternative complementary treatment for back pain due to its analgesic and healing effects. According to the authors, adding pulsed magnet therapy to conventional physical therapy in patients with non-specific back pain leads to much more effective pain relief and greater back function, even in cases with unspecified causes of spinal pain.

Source: Elshiwi, A. M., Hamada, H. A., Mosaad, D., Ragab, I. M., Koura, G. M., & Alrawaili, S. M. (2018). Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on nonspecific low back pain patients: A randomized controlled trial. Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy.

Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field on non-specific low back pain patients: a randomized controlled trial

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