Joint arthroses

Do you feel pain in your joints? Can you feel pain mostly while moving and are your joints stiff after a long period of inactivity? It may be arthrosis, that is the cause of theses issues.

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Joint arthrosis description of diagnosis and treatment
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Characteristics of Joint Arthrosis and its causes

Joint arthrosis is generally considered to be isolated symptoms of arthrosis in the upper or lower limbs.

Arthrosis is a degenerative disease, which leads to limited mobility of joints and their damage. It most commonly develops in older age and is caused by excessive strain on joints.

Arthrosis causes thinning of cartilage and growth of bone tissue in the joint area. Osteophytes cause pain, which worsens as the disease progresses.

Development of arthrosis can be accelerated by:

  • joint injuries,
  • damage to joint cartilage,
  • fractures,
  • rheumatic and metabolic diseases,
  • obesity and excess weight on joints.

Arthrosis can be found on both large and small joints. E.g. arthrosis of fingers or arthrosis of toes.

Severe limitations of mobility are a danger mainly with arthrosis of large joints like:

  • arthrosis of the knee joint – gonarthrosis,
  • arthrosis of the hip joint – coxarthrosis,
  • arthrosis of the shoulder joint – omarthrosis.

In these cases, mobility is limited and in later stages of the diseases, surgical intervention is required.

Joint Arthrosis treatment – rid yourself of the pain

The goal of treatment for joint arthrosis is to soothe pain and slow down development if the disease. Non-steroid anti-rheumatics are usually administered in order to soothe pain and mitigate inflammation.

Active rehabilitation and physical therapy of the affected joints takes place. Spa treatment is also recommended.

Surgical intervention, in the form of replacing parts of the joint or the whole joint is recommended in later stages of the disease.

The ideal prevention of arthrosis is to maintain optimal weight, good physical shape and exercising mobility of joints and muscles.

  • Coxarthrosis – arthrosis of the hip joint.
  • Gonarthrosis – arthrosis of the knee.
  • Non-steroid antirheumatics – non-steroid drug that has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect.
  • Omarthrosis – arthrosis of the shoulder.
  • Osteophyte – a bony protrusion on bone surface.
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