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How and where to buy magnetic therapy (PEMF therapy)?

You can purchase Biomag devices through our partner network of distributors and expert medical advisors, with whom we will be happy to put you in touch.

For the highest customer satisfaction, it is important to individually and professionally evaluate all the benefits and suitability of using pulsed magnet therapy, which is certified as a Class IIa medical device. Medical advisors can also suggest the most suitable combination of device and applicators. All in relation to your specific needs.

We will be happy to provide you with full care and make your purchase easy.
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Jak a kde koupit magnetoterapii Biomag
Jak a kde koupit magnetoterapii Biomag

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Your satisfaction with the results of PEMF therapy is very important to us. Therefore, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with the selection of a suitable setup and also with information on how and where to buy Biomag magnetic therapy.

What is the usual purchasing process for pulsed magnetic therapy?


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Just leave your contact details using the contact form below.


You will be contacted by the nearest medical advisor

We will ensure that you are contacted as soon as possible by our nearest medical advisor, who will be available to you both during the sale and during the use of Biomag devices


We will advise you on how to choose the best device

With us, you will be able to choose from all the options and select the best pulsed magnetic therapy device.

What can you expect from a medical advisor?

  • They will provide all the information you are interested in.
  • They will assess your health problems.
  • Warn of possible contraindications.
  • They will help you choose the most suitable combination of device and applicator.
  • They will allow you to test and, if necessary, arrange for you to order Biomag instruments.
  • They will provide support for the duration of the use of therapy.

By submitting the contact form you do not commit yourself to anything.
Any order will be placed after an initial meeting with your medical advisor.

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