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Magnetotherapy devices

The devices for pulsed magnetotherapy are generally divided into three categories. The first category is low-intensity pulsed magnetic field devices. This intensity is reported in the order of gauss or micro Tesla. Such devices are generally used to promote microcirculation.

The next category is pulsed magnetotherapy devices with a medium pulsed magnetic field strength, which is quoted in the order of units to tens of milli Tesla. Instruments that use this intensity are very versatile. They are used to promote microcirculation of the blood as well as for the control of musculoskeletal pain in both demanding clinical and home care environments. This is due to its high efficiency and safety.

The third type of pulsed magnetotherapy are devices with very high intensity in the order of hundreds of milli Tesla to units of Tesla. These devices are used, for example, to stimulate muscles, but only for a very short period of time and only under the immediate supervision of a doctor.

Pulsed magnet therapy devices are also subdivided into low-frequency and high-frequency. Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields are used for therapeutic purposes.

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