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Book Health and Biomag Magnetic Therapy

Book of health and magnetotherapy
Book of health and magnetic therapy

The manufacturer-authorized book  Health and Biomag® Magnetic  Therapy (PEMF therapy) provides you with all the expert information from the first applications to the professional use of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy. In this well-written publication, you will learn how to achieve the best results with pulsed magnetic therapy applications from private use to treatment in large specialized centers. This book is the best and most comprehensive book on pulsed magnetic therapy ever published by Biomag®.

Theoretical knowledge of magnetic field and therapeutic effects – Part A

This part of the book focuses primarily on explaining the theory and concepts of magnetic fields. Here you will learn about the differences in the different magnetic fields, as well as information about devices that use pulsed magnetic fields and other physical methods for treatment. The therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields are described at the end of this introductory section.

Applications and latest findings – Part B

In this part of the book the individual application points for the application of pulsed magnetic fields are described in a clear manner. The individual application points are practically illustrated on a clear drawing of the human body so that it is easy and quick to determine the diagnosis and the place to apply pulsed magnetic therapy.

Case summary – Part C

In this part MUDr. Peter Bednarčík, CSc. and his team explain and describe the use of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy on real cases. The book thus provides valuable information on when and under what conditions this popular rehabilitation method can be used. It also highlights some important information that you need to know before safe application.

User and health centre experience – Part D

Satisfaction and health are always the most valuable reward. Biomag® – a long-standing manufacturer of high-end pulsed magnetic therapy devices – has provided written experience from its extensive customer database of users and healthcare facilities. This part of the book is a unique collection of user feedback, which is supplemented by expert commentary by a physician. The knowledge of the professionals is also presented in graphs and statistics that illustrate and prove the results of the Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy treatment.

Summary of information and recommendations – Part E

The final part of the book is aimed at summarizing the therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy and recommending other sources of information that can be obtained about pulsed magnetic therapy. At the very end of the book an extensive index of diagnoses is drawn up. This index is designed so that the book can serve as both a quick reference and a practical guide for users of Biomag® pulsed magnetic therapy.

The price of the book in Czech, Spanish and English language versions is: EUR 19,00 including VAT. Book in Czech version currently unavailable!

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