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Effectiveness of 3D pulsed therapy BIOMAG in treatment of knee arthrosis

The effectiveness of 3D pulsed therapy BIOMAG in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee was fully tested at the University of Siena (Battisti et al., 2016). In particular, the therapeutic effects of its low-frequency variable field were examined and also compared with both the ELF therapy (characterized by extremely low-frequency) and the musically modulated magnetic field of TAMMEF therapy. A total of 40 patients aged 59 to 76 years participated in this study and the most closely observed aspect was the best combination of frequency, intensity and waveform in pulsed magnetic fields – the key code representing the optimal conditions for a given health problem.  

The results of the search for the “Siena Code” exceeded expectations. They have confirmed several assumptions. First of all, based on confirmed mechanisms of pulsed magnetic field, analgesic effect can be guaranteed and a placebo effect ruled out. Not only does inhibition of inflammatory processes occur, but persistent pain relief lasting days after the therapy also proofs – in line with previous in vitro studies and studies on animal models – that pulsed magnetic therapy also protects articular cartilage by increasing cell differentiation of chondrocytes and stimulating protein synthesis.

However, the most important legacy of this study and its search for a suitable pulsed magnetic field code can be found in the new research possibilities that emerged. Thanks to the 3D pulsed therapy Biomag, which was able to relieve pain in patients immediately within the first week unlike other therapies, we now know that the clinical and therapeutic effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields with time-varying frequency, intensity and waveform parameters can provide much faster and more effective pain relief in the treatment of knee arthrosis than previously assumed. So it is only a matter of time until future clinical trials reveal the full potential of this therapy.

Reference: Battisti, E. et al. (2016) Efficacia di un campo magnetico a bassa frequenza ed alta intensità (BIOMAG) nel trattamento del dolore e nella riabilitazione della gonartrosi. Faculty of Medical Sciences, Surgical Sciences and Neurosciences, University of Siena, Siena.

The effectiveness of low-frequency magnetic fields with high intensity (BIOMAG) in pain control and rehabilitation of osteoarthritis of the knee / Efficacia di un campo magnetico a bassa frequenza ed alta intensità (BIOMAG) nel trattamento del dolore e nella riabilitazione della gonartrosi

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