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Group of 121 patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy

A group of 121 patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy was clinically evaluated after applications of pulsed magnet therapy at 10 and 100 Hz. The study was conducted by a scientific team (Musaev et al., 2003).This study was published in the journal Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology.

Clinical and electroneuromyographic (ENMG) assessment was performed before and after pulsed magnetotherapy treatment.

Based on the compared results, this study shows that pulsed magnet therapy results in overall pain relief, significant reduction of clinical symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, improved peripheral nerve conductivity and improved excitability of motor neurons in the spinal cord that directly or indirectly control muscles.

The results also showed that a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field with a frequency of 10 Hz has a significant therapeutic effect, especially on patients in the early stages of diabetic neuropathy and on patients who have had diabetes for a maximum of 10 years.

Source: Musaev, A. V. et al. (2003) The Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields with Complex Modulation in the Treatment of Patients with Diabetic Polyneuropathy. Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology. [Online] 33 (8), 745-752.

Použití pulzní elektromagnetické terapie s komplexní modululací při léčbě pacientů s diabetickou neuropatií / The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields with complex modulation in the treatment of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy

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