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Healing of a skin wound

Healing of skin wounds is commonly problematic in patients with diabetes. Therefore, Iran Goudarzi’s team (2010) investigated in an animal model the possibility of using a pulsed magnetic field with a frequency of 20 Hz and an intensity of 8 mT to accelerate the healing of these wounds.

The skin at the site of injury was exposed to a low-frequency electromagnetic field daily for 1 hour.

The effect of pulsed magnetotherapy was evaluated by measuring the change in wound size, evaluating the percentage of surface healing and taking into account the length of healing and ligament strength.

The results of the comparison with the control group showed that pulsed magnetotherapy significantly accelerates healing and helps to increase the strength of the ligament.

Source: Goudarzi, I. et al. (2010). Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Accelerate Wound Healing in the Skin of Diabetic Rats. Bioelectromagnetics, 31(4), 318-323.

Pulzní elektromagnetická pole urychlují hojení ran na kůži u diabetických krys / Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate wound healing in the skin of diabetic rats

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