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Proven results in clinical plastic surgery

The initial development of pulsed magnetotherapy and its use in clinical plastic surgery was hampered during the last century by a lack of scientifically derived and evidence-based knowledge of the mechanisms of action. Therefore, the doctors led by Dr. Strauch decided to compile an overview of proven scientific breakthroughs in the field of pulsed magnetic therapy and to summarize the principles of its action in order to provide others with a solid foundation for optimal use in practice.

Thus, the available biological and clinical studies examining the mechanisms of action of the therapy have been evaluated overall. Finally, with the help of case illustrations, a comprehensive explanation of the clinical use of pulsed magnetic fields in plastic surgery was made.

In this research, pulsed magnet therapy successfully managed postoperative pain and swelling, treated chronic wounds, and generally facilitated vasodilation and angiogenesis, i.e. the expansion and re-formation of blood vessels. Based on these results and supported by scientific evidence, the authors were able to come up with a precise description of the underlying mechanisms of action.

Plastic surgeons and patients alike can now rely on the proven and effective tool for complementary, non-invasive, non-pharmacological management of post-operative pain and swelling in the form of pulsed magnetic therapy, which also shows no adverse side effects.

Source: Strauch B, Herman C, Dabb R, et al. (2009) Evidence-based use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in clinical plastic surgery. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 29, 135-143.

Použití pulzní elektromagnetické terapie v klinické plastické chirurggii na základě předelých důkazů / Evidence-based use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in clinical plastic surgery

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