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Neurological processing of pain in the brain

Neurological processing of pain in the brain was verified in a study by J. A. Robertson and his team on 31 patients. The research team applied pulsed magnetic fields at frequencies of 9, 5, 3 and 1 Hz.

The results of this study demonstrated that low-frequency pulsed magnet therapy affects the processing of acute thermal pain experimentally induced in the subjects. Significant differences were found in images of the hippocampus, anterior cingulate cortex and ipsilateral insula (areas associated with pain perception) taken before and after the pulsed magnet therapy.

Thanks to functional magnetic resonance imaging, it was possible to observe neuromodulation in the brain induced by low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields. These observations could thus confirm the hypothesis of J. A. Robertson’s research team that the reduction of pain perception by pulsed magnet therapy does not depend on the orientation and guidance mechanisms of the brain (as previously assumed), but on the central structures of the brain.

Source: Robertson, J. A. et al. (2010) Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field exposure can alter neuroprocessing in humans. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. [Online] 7 (44), 467-473.

Low-frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Exposure Can Alter Neuroprocessing in Humans

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