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Healing effects in tibial ulcers

The healing effects of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields on tibial ulcers were tested on 44 patients in a double-blind study (Ieran et al., 1990) and the results published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

For 90 days, half of the patients received pulsed magnet therapy and the remaining 22 patients served as a control group. The longer-term effects of the pulsed electromagnetic field were assessed after the end of the treatment in further follow-ups, which took place over a period of one year.

The healing success rate was much higher in the group that received pulsed magnet therapy. At the same time, no ulcers worsened in these patients, and only 25% of them developed ulcers again in the next period.

However, in the control group, half of the patients had a recurrence of the ulcer, and four of them even worsened their condition during the first 90 days.

Therefore, low-frequency pulsed magnetotherapy not only accelerates the healing of tibial ulcers, but its positive effects also persist long after the end of the treatment. It is therefore also suitable as an additional treatment for patients with tibial ulcers.

Source: Ieran, M. et al. (1990) Effect of low frequency pulsing electromagnetic fields on skin ulcers of venous origin in humans: a double-blind study. Journal Of Orthopaedic Research:Official Publication Of The Orthopaedic Research Society. 8 (2), 276-282.

Effect of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields on skin ulcers of venous origin in humans: a double-blind study

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