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Dealing with stubborn carpal tunnel syndrome

A solution to the persistent carpal tunnel syndrome was sought by the New York research team of M. I. Weintraub (2005) using low-frequency pulsed magnet therapy with a frequency of 30 Hz and an intensity of 2 mT.

A pinched median nerve in the carpal tunnel is the most common cause of touch and motor disorders of the hands. Assuming that low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields can positively affect neurons in the body, the research team in this study attempted to relieve neuropathic pain in 35 patients suffering from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome.

All underwent nine days of pulsed magnet therapy with daily applications lasting one hour. The efficacy of treatment was evaluated after the end of therapy and after the following 30 days.

At the end of the therapy, neuropathic pain was reduced by an average of 23%, and at the follow-up visit after 30 days, an improvement of 37% was observed. In addition, pulsed magnet therapy had an even more pronounced, up to 67%, effect on patients’ vitality.

Thus, the results suggest that the application of low-frequency pulsed magnet therapy near the carpal tunnel results in relief of neuropathic pain in most patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Pulsed magnetotherapy is therefore a suitable non-pharmacological alternative.

Source: Weintraub, M. I. & Cole, S. P. (2005) Pulsed magnetic field therapy in refractory carpal tunnel syndrome: Electrodiagnostic parameters – a pilot study. Journal of Back & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. 18 (3/4), 79-83.

Pulzní magnetoterapie u neústupného syndromu karpálního tunelu: Electrodiagnostic parameters – pilot study / Pulsed magnetic field therapy in refractory carpal tunnel syndrome: Electrodiagnostic parameters – pilot study

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