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Terms of the extended warranty

The Warrantor declares that, for reasons of data protection, it will not disclose a photocopy of the proof of purchase or any data in it that would contradict the first point of these conditions.

❖ The provider of the extended warranty is Karel Hrnčíř – BIOMAG with registered office at Chomutice 81, 507 53 Chomutice, Czech Republic. The contact address of the company Průmyslová 1270, 506 01 Jičín, Czech Republic is for the application of the extended warranty and sending the medical device to the service. This applies unless the provider agrees otherwise with the customer, for example, to send it to a local distributor for service.

❖ Extended warranty means the warranty for free service and replacement of defective components of the medical device that have not been damaged due to improper use according to the instructions for use and general warranty conditions applicable during the standard period (24 months from the purchase of the medical device).
However, the extended warranty does not apply to the battery (if included), which is generally considered a consumable item and its life is affected by the intensity of use. We recommend that you follow the instructions for use in the Maintenance chapter. Furthermore, normal wear and tear on the surfaces of the medical device and its accessories is not covered by the warranty.
Transportation to the warranty provider’s service center is paid by the customer. Transportation to the customer is covered by the warranty provider (if the warranty is accepted).
The length of this extended warranty is in addition to the standard 24-month warranty. The total warranty period is therefore 36 months (unless otherwise stated) from the date of purchase. This date must be legibly indicated on the photocopy of the medical device purchase receipt. You can also send a photocopy of the document by email to [email protected], or with a service request.
You can only get an extended warranty if you have sent in this feedback form together with a copy of your proof of purchase before the standard warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase of the medical device has expired.

❖ Together with the product, a description of the defect and a copy of the document confirming the defect must be sent to the service
extended warranty. You will receive this receipt by email after you have submitted this feedback and we have checked all the details, including the date of purchase of the medical device.

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Valid from 01. 08. 2023

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