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Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy

3D technologie pro lepší zdraví

3D technology for highest efficiency

100 000 + spokojených zákazníků

More than 100 000 satisfied customers

Pomáháme již 30 let

We have been helping for 30 years. All over the world.

Biomag’s pulsed magnetic therapy (PEMF therapy ) with patented 3D technology is helping people to better health around the world. Get the best for your health too and choose your Biomag device.

Effects of Biomag 3D PEMF therapy

The effects of Biomag 3D PEMF therapy are divided into six basic therapeutic effects.
These therapeutic effects can positively influence the symptoms of a number of health problems and thus effectively assist in their treatment.

Protibolestivý efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Analgesic promotes pain
Hojivý efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Healing promotes healing and regeneration
Protiotokový efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Anti-swelling promotes reduction
of swelling
Vasodilatační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Vasodilating promotes vasodilatation and blood circulation
Myorelaxační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Myorelaxing promotes spasm and swelling relief
Detoxikační efekt pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag
Detox promotes metabolism and detoxification

Home magnetic therapy

V pohodlí domova

In the comfort of home

Pro celou rodinu

For the whole family

Snadné použití a vysoká účinnost

Easy to use and high efficiency

Biomag magnetic therapy is a great choice for anyone who wants to promote their health in the comfort of their own home. Magnetotic therapy helps to relieve pain, promotes regeneration of the body and better blood circulation. Biomag instruments can be used by the whole family thanks to their ease of use. The state-of-the-art Biomag PEMF therapy with high efficiency is now available to everyone. Choose today.

Domácí magnetoterapie
Magnetoterapia doméstica Biomag

Clinical magnetic therapy

Profesionální nastavení parametrů

Professional parameter settings

Vysoký výkon a maximální účinnost

High performance and maximum efficiency

3D technologie pro lepší zdraví

Clinical applicators with 3D technology

Magnetic therapy (PEMF therapy) for professionals must meet the most demanding requirements in every respect. Biomag is a leader in this respect. Thanks to the high-efficiency clinical applicators and our patented 3D technology, not only hospitals and clinics get the highest quality devices for their patients. Doctors and other medical staff will also appreciate the professional setting of therapy parameters. Request a special offer for your clinic today.

Klinická magnetoterapie Biomag
Klinická magnetoterapie Biomag

Veterinary magnetic therapy

Vysoký komfort a flexibilita

High comfort and flexibility

Léčba pro koně i malá zvířata

Treatment for horses and small animals

Vyvinuté se špičkovými odborníky

Developed with top experts

Biomag veterinary PEMF therapy provides animals with all the advantages and benefits that this method offers to people. Biomag applicators provide high comfort and convenience for horses and other small animals such as dogs and cats. Together with top experts in these animals, we have developed a brand new line of Biomag veterinary magnetic (PEMF) therapy , which helps pets so much to better health.

  • The new Biomag range of veterinary devices (pictured) will be available in global markets in early 2024.
Veterinární magnetoterapie Biomag
Tierärztliche Magnetfeldtherapie Biomag

Encyclopedia of medical conditions

Are you looking for a quality source of information on frequently sought health conditions and ailments? Wondering what their common causes  and symptoms are, and where to seek help in treatment? Take advantage of the Biomag expert encyclopedia of health conditions.

Zdravotní potíže, které pomáhá řešit magnetoterapie Biomag
Tento ALT do kódu ANO

Where does Biomag 3D PEMF therapy help?

Biomag's 3D PEMF therapy devices are currently helping people on every continent. Thousands of satisfied users and renowned clinics use the innovative Biomag devices in their quest for better health.


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Why Biomag?

Vysoký výkon a maximální účinnost
High performance and effectiveness of therapeutic effects.
Pomáhá k lepšímu zdraví. Již ve 40 zemích světa
Helps improve health.
Already in 40 countries.
Pomáháme již 30 let
30 years of experience in the field, Czech product.
100 000 + spokojených zákazníků
More than 100,000 satisfied customers.
Lenka Sůvová

Mgr. Lenka Sůvová customer care

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