Magnetic therapy applicator A17P for applications in a reclining postition. When folded, it helps itensify treatment for the targeted body part.
Picture: Applicator for PEMF: A17P

A17P - Applicator for PEMF

Intensive three-piece rounded flat applicator with 3D pulses, with the possibility of connecting to a closed shape or fixation.

Technical parametres:

  • MIMI 16.8 mT
  • connector 3x JACK 3.5 mm
  • length 770 mm; width 230 mm; height 40 mm
  • weight 0.38 kg

What is this rating based on?

In order to achieve maximum precision and informative value, this rating uses reviews by real and verified owners of Biomag magnetic therapy devices in the category of pain mitigation. These reviews are structured so that they comply with requirements for medical device certification and are approved by relevant auditors.

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Photogallery A17P - applicator for PEMF