Osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoarthrosis

Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you feel the pain in your joint mainly while performing activity and are they stiff after a long period of inactivity? Osteoarthritis, which would limit you in performing daily activities may the cause of these issues.

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Osteoarthrosis - description, treatment
Picture Osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteoarthrosis

Characteristics of Osteoarthritis and Arthritis and its Causes

Osteoarthrosis (or arthrosis) is a degenerative disease affecting joints. Joint in fingers, knees and hips are affected most frequently.

This disease causes severe pain.  The pain can be permanent, or temporary. A common symptom is stiffness of the joints, which can limit mobility in the joint for  several hours. Surgical treatment is often required in advanced stages when affected joints are replaced.

It can be said that the disease causes up to 20% of all cases of chronic pain worldwide.

Osteoarthritits is the most common form of arthritis (an inflammatory disease of the joint leading to degenerative changes). It is symptomized by joint pain during or after activity.

During arthritis, the joint gets deformed and may even disintegrate. These changes lead to severe limitations in mobility of the affected joint. The pain is often reactive to changes of the weather and the mental and general well being of the affected individual. In periods of acute pain, the afflicted usually feel tired, lose appetite and experience higher temperature.

Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear of the joint due to excess strain.

Factors contributing to development of arthritis:

  • age,
  • excess weight,
  • obesity,
  • genetic disposition,
  • injury,
  • long-term overload of the joint.

Osteoarthritis and Arthritis Treatment – Rid yourself of the Pain

The main aim of treating osteoarthritis is to rid the affected person of the pain. Treatment of arthritis is based on soothing pain and decelerating development of the disease.

Pharmacological treatment methods are used in administering paracetamol or non-steroid antirheumatics. With more severe pain, mild opiates are used.

Drug treatment is often not effective on its own and it is necessary to combine treatment with exercise, especially water based exercise, and to decrease weight.

In advanced stages it is often necessary to consider surgical intervention.

  • Non-steroid antirheumatics – non-steroid medicament with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
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