Based on subjective statements from our clients, there may be a few positive effects of Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy in connection with Covid-19.  Positive effects were noter by patients who applied magnetic therapy while undergoing treatment for Covid-19 or after.

A great contribution to treatment was noted by a patient who has undergone Covid-19 bilateral pneumonitis with mild hemopthysis affecting the whole surface of the lungs (front and back). The patient repeatedly applied pulsed magnetic therapy on a daily basis, starting during their 10-day stay in the hospital while also receiving treatment in form of antibiotics, corticosteroids and oxygen. The patient’s follow-up x-ray scan 5 days from the initial examination showed huge improvement as pulmonary infiltrates began disappearing. In a further 3 weeks, a follow-up x-ray of lungs indicated no signs of inflammation, and the patient was cleared as healthy.

Other clients describe positive effects in the convalescence period after suffering from Covid-19. Most appreciated was relief from joint and limb pain, speedier recovery from fatigue, easier breathing and improved physical condition.

The goal of applying Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy is to help patients with some symptoms and to contribute to a faster return to normal life by its effects.

Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy for Covid-19 treatment

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