Curative effects of the low-frequency pulse magnetic field (LPMF)

Editor: | 11. June 2019

Magnetotherapy works on a variety of health issues. It is applied to various parts of the human body, and several medical specialties utilise it.

Structure of the human body
Structure of the human body


The effects of the biological changes in the tissues caused by low-frequency pulse magnetic field may be used to cure various diseases.

There are 6 basic classified groups and effects:

  • Pain-killing (analgesic)
  • Myo-relaxing (relief from spasms)
  • Anti-oedema (anti-swelling)
  • Vasodilatative (widening the bloodstream)
  • Detoxification (accelerating metabolism)
  • Healing and regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic

Therapeutic effects of magnetotherapy – your questions

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